Wish List

Welcome to my Wishlist! These are items I have carefully considered their purpose in my journey. Each request is as bold as my journey. I am of the firm belief that many hands make light work and together we are stronger than apart. I also firmly believe in the power of asking for help. I have sold or donated almost all of my belongings save the ones that are facilitating this journey and am really not motivated by possessions. I view each of these items as a tool that will help me continue my quest to do Kingdom work, both in Nepal and on US soil. If you’re in a financial position to help me with any of these it would be a huge blessing.

Solar Charger
Power isn’t a guarantee in Nepal, but just about anywhere you go the sun is shining! This charger would allow me to keep my cell phone, my GoPro and my laptop charged and ready to continue publishing content during a power outage, or when a plugin isn’t available.

Macbook Pro
I am currently using a 7 year old 13″ Macbook Air. I also own a brand new Chromebook. While they both are amazing computers the reality is they are not keeping up with the processing demand of this journey. Each video you see on my site is usually taking about 4 hours total to put online. From download off the camera to up on YouTube. A bulk of that is rendering time. This is a huge purchase and I know this is incredibly bold to ask for. Please use my contact me form if you’re interested in helping me this way. I would like to donate both of these to machines to a charity.

Taken Into Custody
This book has been highly recommended to me as a read. I think it could have a glympse into what God is doing in my life and how best to go about his plan for me.

Mountain Hardwear Jacket
Let’s face it. Where I am headed its a special kind of brrr. This is a huge ask, but maybe there is someone out there who would be willing to sponsor me in this way!


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