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Full disclosure. These are affiliate links which means each time you click one of these items I receive pennies on the dollar. Those pennies in turn will be used to support my healing and restoration campaign. These are books or things that are playing a significant role in my healing journey. I am not currently sponsored by any of these authors or vendors; these are just tools I am using along the way. Enjoy the reading!

NIV Study Bible – Zondervan
This is the Bible i’ll be studying out of. This is truly the only book you’ll ever need. A devotional book is never a substitute for the Bible itself.

The Kingdom Man
This devotional is a men’s devotional i’ll be taking along my journey.

How We Love
A marriage devotional I’ll be taking along with me.

Crazy Love – Francis Chan
Buckle Up. Take this book seriously. Crazy Stuff Ahead! What if you ended up in jail because of this book?

Solo – An Uncommon Devotional – NavPress
A friend of mine gave me this a long time ago. I have been reading it now for several months as personal encouragement. Pick it up. There are some really amazing and thought provoking pages!

The Prayer of Jabez
I think this is my mission statement. This is a phenomenal read. Very inspired.

Daddy and Me Devotional
This is a devotional I will be doing along my journey. Read along with me as I go!


Coca Cola 24 Pack
I am human. I love coca cola. Nuff said.

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